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My Hanger® is more than just a hanger. It is an organizational tool that you can utilize in your home or while traveling. In one hanger you can hold your socks, belt, shirt, pants, undergarments, and jacket. Our patent pending, USA made hangers are available in aluminum, wood, or plastic.

We know it is a hassle to pack and travel whether you are traveling for business or for pleasure. We at My Hanger Co want to make it easier for you. Forget the hassle of digging through suitcases to find an outfit – My Hanger® will allow you the convenience to carry your entire outfits on one hanger. My Hanger® is not just useful for traveling. My Hanger® keeps your closets organized and ready for the day by being able to prep outfits, or even hang up items that are usually stuffed in drawers. My Hanger® will help you quickly find your garments ready to wear when getting ready for your business meeting or that special occasion or for your next trip.

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